Friday, October 20, 2017

Yuyutsu Sharma Workshop and Reading at Berkeley Public Library, California!

 Yuyutsu Sharma Workshop and Reading at Berkeley Public Library, California!

Himalayan Workshop with Poet Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma

Recipient of fellowships and grants from The Rockefeller Foundation, Ireland Literature Exchange, Trubar Foundation, Slovenia, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature and The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature, Yuyutsu RD Sharma is an internationally acclaimed South Asian poet and translator.
He has  published nine poetry collections including, A Blizzard in my Bones: New York Poems (Nirala, 2016), Quaking Cantos: Nepal Earthquake Poems, (Nirala, 2016),  Milarepa’s Bones, 33 New Poems, (Nirala, 2012),  Nepal TrilogyPhotographs and Poetry on Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang (www.Nepal-Trilogy.deEpsilonmedia, Karlsruhe, 2010), a 900-page book with renowned German photographer, Andreas Stimm, Space Cake, Amsterdam, & Other Poems from Europe and America, (2009, Indian reprint 2014) and Annapurna Poems, 2008, Reprint, 2012).
Yuyutsu also brought out a translation of Irish poet Cathal O’ Searcaigh poetry in Nepali in a bilingual collection entitled, Kathmandu: Poems, Selected and New (2006) and a translation of Hebrew poet Ronny Someck’s poetry in Nepali in a bilingual edition, Baghdad, February 1991 & Other Poems. He has translated and edited several anthologies of contemporary Nepali poetry in English and launched a literary movement, Kathya Kayakalpa (Content Metamorphosis) in Nepali poetry.
Three books of his poetry, Poemes de l’ Himalayas (L’Harmattan, Paris), Poemas de Los Himalayas (Cosmopoeticia, Cordoba, Spain) and Jezero Fewa & Konj (Sodobnost International) have appeared in French,  Spanish and Slovenian respectively.
In addition, Eternal SnowA Worldwide Anthology of One Hundred Twenty-Five Poetic Intersections with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma has just appeared.
Widely traveled author, he has read his works at several prestigious places including Poetry Café, London, Seamus Heaney Center for Poetry, Belfast, New York University, New York, The Kring, Amsterdam, P.E.N, Paris, Knox College, Illinois, Whittier College, California, Baruch College, New York, WB Yeats’ Center, Sligo, Shi Shangzhuang, Hebei, China, Gustav Stressemann Institute, Bonn,  Rubin Museum, New York, Cosmopoetica, Cordoba, Spain,  Beijing International  Book Fair, The Irish Writers’ Centre, Dublin, Columbia University, New York, Lu Xun Literary Institute, Beijing,  The Guardian Newsroom, London, Trois Rivieres Poetry Festival, Quebec, Arnofini, Bristol, Borders, London, FIP, Buenos Aires, Slovenian Book Days, Ljubljana, Royal Society of Dramatic Arts, London, Gunter Grass House, Bremen, GTZ, Kathmandu, International Poetry Festival, Granada,  Nicaragua, Nehru Center, London, Beijing Normal University, The Beijing Bookworm, Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI) / Indian Embassy, Buenos Aires, March Hare, Newfoundland, Canada, Gannon University, Erie, Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, Indian International Center, New Delhi, and Villa Serbelloni, Italy.He has held workshops in creative writing and translation at Queen’s University, Belfast,
He has held workshops in creative writing and translation at Queen’s University, Belfast, the University of Ottawa and South Asian Institute, Heidelberg University, Germany, University of California, Davis, Sacramento State University, California, Beijing Open University and New York University, New York.
His works have appeared in Poetry Review, Chanrdrabhaga, Sodobnost, Amsterdam Weekly, Indian Literature, Irish Pages, Delo, Modern Poetry in Translation, Exiled Ink, Iton77, Little Magazine, The Telegraph, Indian Express and Asiaweek.
The Library of Congress has nominated his book of Nepali translations entitled Roaring Recitals; Five Nepali Poets as Best Book of the Year 2001 from Asia under the Program, A World of Books International Perspectives.
Yuyutsu’s own work has been translated into German, French, Italian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Spanish and Dutch. He just published his nonfiction, Annapurnas & Stains of Blood: Life, Travel and Writing a Page of Snow, (Nirala, 2010). He edits Pratik, A Magazine of Contemporary Writing and contributes literary columns to Nepal’s leading daily, The Himalayan Times.
He was at the Poetry Parnassus Festival organized to celebrate London Olympics 2012 where he represented Nepal and India. Yuyutsu is the Visiting Poet at Columbia University, New York and has just returned from China where had gone to read and conduct workshops at Beijing Normal University.
Half the year, he travels and reads all over the world to read from his works and conducts creative writing workshop at various universities in North America and Europe but goes trekking in the Himalayas when back home.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Announcing the release of Fourth Edition of Yuyutsu Sharma​'s book, Annapurna Poems....

Annapurna Poems: Poems Selected and New Paperback – 2017

This is the fourth edition of a major anthology from one of South Asia's most prominent poet's who has made Annapurna region his home for last two decades. Yuyutsu's devotion for the mountains and the people living there is unparalleled. Though his work was interrupted with the rise of insurgency and the consequent political turmoil in the Himalayan nation, the poet continued to long for the hidden valleys and mule paths where, as the scriptures say, the soul of the Gods lives. Even in his dreams he conjures the treks to the remote Himalayan regions, searching for life on the bleeding mule paths of human struggle, listening to the chorus of cicadas and dramas of hunger and strife in the hushed grounds of Little Paradise Lodge, chartering history of human attempts to invade the realm of eternal snow with moving cameras, frozen spaghetti and plastic bags.Like exquisite fields of Himalayan flowers, these are poems of high artistic integrity about harsh truths of mystery, history and humanity. Sensual, sharp and stunning, these concrete images will leave the readers breathless. A huge achievement, bringing alive the unsung agony of the people of the high Himalaya

Last poem from Annapurna Poems: Fourth Edition being released next week


The moment I enter the Valley, nausea thrashes my well-being. A chill seeps into my bones and I close my eyes. Near Annapurna glacials, I had remained quite cosy, next to a warm hearth. Right away, I regret my return to the slum of human destiny, an ashtray of our shattered dreams.

At last, I open my eyes to see Buddha’s kingdom suffering like a snail. Where are the villages of huge brass bells? What fumes have filled the spacious squares of rituals? What vehicles have trampled fields of fragrance?

Overnight, a demon has sucked the fragrances of this once an exhilarating valley, leaving it deserted —  wrinkled and crumpled sheet of a newspaper.

In a fraction of a second, its century of silences has been shattered eternally. Without a regret or guilt.

I open my eyes to enter this labyrinth of nightmares, nonplussed that the floral fields I celebrated in my dreams never actually existed.

I open my eyes to discover that the first casualty of this expansion, silence. A cadence of a melody I’d carried like a sacred song all these years, a nucleus of my water wells. Has it been unscrupulously misplaced and forgotten in the schemes of the cities?

Awestruck, I feel all these days and weeks, I’d remained at ease when I was alone on the mule paths. But the moment I entered the city, I lost them all, syllables of the secret song that I hummed all these times.

It’s in the cities that I’ve spent the saddest moments of my life.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Yuyutsu Sharma’s Upcoming Reading Tour 2017: New York, Massachusetts & California

Saturday, Oct 21, at 6 pm to 9 pm Brooklyn Launch of Yuyutsu Sharma’s Eternal Snow and A Workshop with the Himalayan Poet, Hosted by Yoga Sole, Windsor Terrace Brooklyn – 254 Windsor Place – Brooklyn, NY 11215 Tel: 718.541.1382 , Reading$ 10pp  Workshop $25pp Reading included) Host : Evalena Leedy
Monday, Oct 23, at 7:00 pm: Yuyutsu Sharma Reading at Boston Launch of Eternal Snow with Timothy Gager at Out of the Blue Gallery,  in the Stone Soup Poetry Series, at  541 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. Host: Chad Parenteau

Saturday, November 11 at 1:00 pm until 2.30 pm: Yuyutsu Sharma Reading and workshop Berkeley Public Library, Hosted by Berkeley Public Library,  2090 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA  Workshop at 10.00 am to 12 pm Host: Isobel Schneider,, (Details to be confirmed soon)
Monday, November 13, at 7 pm until 9 pm: Yuyutsu Sharma Reading as Feature Poetat Poetry Express Berkeley. Hosted by Poetry Express Berkeley, at Himalayan Flavors, 1585 University Avenue, Nearest Cross St. California, Host: Jim Barnard,,
Tuesday, November 14, at 6:30 pm, Yuyutsu Sharma reading at The Long Island Launch of Eternal Snow,  Port Jefferson Free Library, 631 473-0022 100 Thompson Street Port Jefferson, NY, 11777, 631-473-0022 Fax: 631-473-2903 Hosted by Kat Lamberg
Saturday, November 18, at 2 pm until 4 pm: Yuyutsu Sharma Reading with David Austell & Barbara Novack at Oceanside Library  30 Davison Ave, Oceanside, NY 11572, USA. Hosted Peter V. Dugan, 516-287-5239

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Yuyutsu Sharma/Andreas Stimm new photo-poetry book, Nepal: Sherpa & Co published in Germany

Yuyutsu Sharma's new poetry picture book with distinguished German photographer Andreas Stimm is out in German language edition...
Andreas' colour photos for the first time...

»Sherpa & Co.« Transport per pedes im Himalaja

Gedichte von Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma
Fotografien und Text von Andreas Stimm

Wer trägt heute noch über sechzig Kilogramm auf dem Rücken ... ?
Strommasten, Holzbalken, Satellitenschüssel, Bewehrungseisen, Hühner, Felsbrocken oder sogar Menschen? Der Sherpa! Wirklich der Sherpa? Wer sind die Träger im höchsten Gebirge der Erde, welche unsägliche Lasten auf den steilen Bergpfaden befördern? »Sherpa & Co.« erzählt in dreiundvierzig aktuellen Bildporträts von tragenden Nepalesen – quer durch den Himalaja. Aus dem Annapurnagebiet über das Manaslumassiv bis in die Höhen am Fuße des Everest!
 Das Buch: Nepal – »Sherpa & Co.« Transport per pedes im Himalaja
108 Seiten, Texte, 43 Fotografien und 3 Gedichte. Fadengebundener Inhalt mit Softcover aus Feinstkarton.
ISBN 978-3-98108-836-6 Preis 10,00 € zzgl. 1,00 € Porto.
Alle Rechte vorbehalten
©2017 Epsilonmedia, Karlsruhe
Gedruckt in Deutschland
ISBN 978-3-9810883-6-6
Epsilonmedia-Verlag ◊ Graf-Eberstein-Str. 57 ◊ 76199 Karlsruhe ◊
Deutschland ◊ ◊ 0721-8643421
Fotografie: Hasselbald-XPan-Photographie


Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Poem for Gandhi Jayanti Celebration --Yuyutsu Sharma

In the Absence of the Towers,
Yuyutsu Sharma

In absence
of Twin Towers, it was his statue

in Union Square
that became the solid shaft

of my light in the whirling city
of rattling trains, my memory key

to the numbered streets
of this mandala of steel, siren and seeds…

Larger than life figure
standing in the grassy triangle,

his feeble staff
from South Africa shining from

the glow of his compassion,
his eyes looking onto

the Green Market
stalls from Upstate,

Apple cider, wine, pretzels,
Organic cupcakes, Dead sea salt

and across the Square
Barnes and Noble store, Occupy Wall Street kids,

skating Latinos
and that black boy from Hudson River Valley

his chessboard
of Power Games spread on a small table

with an empty little chair
in the freezing cold

waiting for someone to come
and invest his precious coin or a dream

and spend some quality time
under the murky skies

likely to turn cobalt blue,
a flame of a feather

of a singing blue jay…

From A Blizzard in my Bones: New York Poems

The Gandhi Statue at Union Square, New York

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Yuyutsu Sharma to read in the Poetry Express Berkeley Reading Series in November

11/13/2017 Yuyutsu Sharma hosted by Jim
(Need a prompt? How do you explain your position on the planet? -- you don't have to use those words.)

Yuyutsu R D Sharma has  published nine poetry collections including, A Blizzard in my Bones: New York Poems (Nirala, 2016).  He has translated Irish poet Cathal O’ Searcaigh and Hebrew poet Ronny Someck into Nepali.  Eternal SnowA Worldwide Anthology of One Hundred Twenty-Five Poetic Intersections with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma is his most recent publication.  Yuyutsu’s work has been translated into German, French, Italian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Spanish and Dutch.  Yuyutsu is the Visiting Poet at Columbia University, New York and has just returned from China where he had gone to read at Beijing International Book Fair.

Mules                           by Yuyutsu Sharma

On the great Tibetan
salt route they meet me again

old forsaken friends ...

On their faces
fatigue of a drunken sleep

their lives worn out,
their legs twisted, shaking

from carrying
illustrious flags of bleeding ascents.

Age long bells clinging
to them like festering wounds

beating notes
of a slavery modernism brings:

cartons of Iceberg, mineral water bottles,
solar heaters, Chinese tiles, tin cans, carom boards

sacks of rice
and iodized salt from the plains of Nepal Terai.

Butterflies of 
the terraced fields know their names.

Singing brooks tempests
of their breathless climbs.

Traffic alert
and time-tested, they climb

dreams of posh peacocks

of a secret religious war

of an ecologist's sterile semen

entire kitchen
for a cocktail party at the base camp

defunct development
agenda of guilty donors

the West's weird visions
lusting for an instant purge.

Stone steps
of the mountains embossed

on their drugged brains,
like lines of aborted love

on the historic rocks of waterspouts.

Starry skies
of the dozing valleys know

the ache
of their secret sweat.

Sunny days
along the crystal rivers

of their bleeding eyes.

Greatest fiction
of the struggling lives lost,

like real mules
clattering their hooves on the flagstones,

in circling
the cruel grandeur

of blood thirsty

mule paths around the glaciers of Annapurnas.