Saturday, September 29, 2018

Yuyutsu Sharma visits Lake Town Pokhara Plus a Poem on the Lake Fewa

Just came back from Pokhara where I had time some quiet time with my beloved Lake Fewa                                         
Revisiting my favourite cafe, TeaTime, Bamboostan, Lakeside Pokhara where I gave final touches to "Annapurna Poems" nearly two decades ago ...

Found a tiny cafe towards the root of the Lake to recall what two decades ago the Lakeside looked like...

The Lake Fewa, An Unfinished Poem

From the shoulder of a hill
from a garden restaurant where
exhausted tourists lie, massaging
hysteric limbs of a nightmare,
from dingy tea-shop
of a grandma, crying from
the smoke of her charred dreams,
from the balcony
of a hut where a blonde Buddhist nun
sleeps with a local drug addict,
from Naudada,
from Lumle, from the luminous sheets
of the windows of a racing car
or like a despot
of once a famished principality, Sarangkot,
from an aeroplane
with the nose of snobbery ticking
the gleaming summits of fishtail
from the colourful pages
of a coffee table book,
from the fury of the goddess
who created the lake to avenge
the unkind inhabitants of the valley,
from the sunken sockets
of a porter's eyes where
magnificent draggers of Himal have grown,
from the obscene columns
of a magazine on frozen peaks of Himal,
printed from the evil ink donated
by some treacherous NGO,
from the bedroom of trekking couple,
about to reach an orgasm in unison,
from the bleeding eye of a folksinger
in love with local Sahu's daughter,
from the prow of a ferry
scurrying over the surface to measure its secrets,
from the tip of the fishtail
where lamblike sun bounces defunct,
from the unfinished draft
of this poem that I tear off
to look at the blue
of the Eye-lake, Fewa. 

From The Lake Fewa and a Horse
@Yuyutsu Sharma