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A Good Reads review of Quaking Cantos and Blizzard in my Bones by Asails F

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Apr 16, 2016

it was amazing
Read from March 18 to 28, 2016

I can not review A Blizzard in my Bones. I could not possibly review A Blizzard in my Bones before reading the Quaking Cantos.
The two books do not exist without the other and each left alone would be like a sailboat in irons. One a tragedy of human nature, from an intellect honed by old Asian culture; the other footed endlessly on the tripe on New York City. But both, written in a time of massive upheaval: the hurricane and earthquake.
The mighty Gurka houses ripped apart, Ganesha laughing, Buddha's denial, Nath's shrine, Samādhi sprung open, Garuda and Vishnu unleashing. The vice wide open in the market and the mass like that of Whitman's' humanity. Then all gods slammed into New York City's: fall of the trade towers, sordid New York streets with it's preyed apon homeless, the subway rider removing and reapplying her poison, and the opulent malls and coffee shops littering the streets that offer no hope or quiet reprieve.
The books, not black and white and, the cultures not ultimately different; the veranda, the same for all. Together the books slap your face in the words of two different cultures and show that we are one.
A New York City and Nepal, a land of the Indians and peopled by the same. One should not leave one book for the other. The stories continue from our earliest humanity.

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