Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Call for Yuyu Poems for an Upcoming Anthology!

Yuyutsu Sharma’s Eternal Snow: An Anthology of Poems originating from Yuyu’s interactions, Readings and Workshops

Edited with an Introduction by
David Austell & Kathleen D Gallagher


Fellow poets and writers!

If you have had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with Yuyu or had the opportunity of attending this internationally renowned Himalayan Poet’s  workshops, you are herein invited to submit to the upcoming  anthology, tentatively named,  Eternal Snow: An Anthology of Poems Originating from Yuyu’s Works, Readings and Workshops.

The book will be edited by David Austell and Kathleen D. Gallagher

Poems by
John Clarke 
Tracie Morell 
Lori Ann Kusterbeck
Eileen O’Connor  
Chuck Joy 
Lorraine Conlin
Kathleen D Gallagher  
David Austell  
Maria Heath
Christopher Wheeling 
Renay Sanders 
Jen Pezzo
Thomas Jenney
Shawn Aveningo
Tim Kahl 
T.M. Göttl  
Russ Green
Katya Johanna
Shannon Kline 
Timothy Gager
Steve Brightman
Kymberly Avinasha Brown
Devin Wayne Davis  
Alex Symington

Lorraine Bouchard

Please submit your work for consideration to 
Kathleen D Gallagher to

We look forward to reading you submissions.
More details follow…


David B. Austell is Assistant Vice President and Director of the Office of Global Services at New York University in New York City, where he is also an Associate Professor of International Education in the NYU Steinhardt School (adjunct). David has undergraduate and graduate degrees in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he also completed his Ph.D. in Higher Education focusing on International Education. In 1992, David was a Fulbright grantee in Japan and Korea. The love of poetry grows from deep roots, and in David’s case from his parents: his mother who sent poetry, sacred and secular, to him all through college with her letters, and his father who read Shakespeare and Coleridge to him as a child.

Kathleen D. Gallagher is a distinguished senior lecturer of English at the University of Akron/Wayne College, an award winning writer (2007 Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention for a feature article entitled “Cutting Storm,” and a 2011 Honorable Mention for her essay “Flying Objects” in the 2011 Writer’s Digest competition). She is also a poet with works in journals such as South Coast Poetry Journal; Issue #15 (Honorable Mention for “Focal Point” judged by writer/poet James Dickey). She is a former NEOMFA creative writing student at Kent State University. Gallagher was a finalist in the First Grand Tournament event through Writing Knights Press which resulted in her first poetry chapbook “I See Things are Falling.” She was nominated for a Pushcart prize in December 2012 through Writing Knights Press

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