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Yuyutsu Sharma's forthcoming Ohio Readings

Yuyutsu Sharma's forthcoming Ohio Readings

Yuyutsu Sharma

Yuyu Reading in Cleveland and Lorain from his new book-- -

a photographic and poetic journey through the Helambu and Langtang area

228 pages, 125 panoramic photographs, 19 poems
ISBN 978-3-9810883-1-1 - eine photographisch-poetische Reise durch das Helambu und Langtang Gebiet
228 Seiten, 125 Panorama-Photographien, 19 Gedichte

January 28th at 6:30 p.m.

In Verse Lorain: A Poetry and Performing Arts Extravaganza

at the Lorain Arts Council's 737 Gallery, 737 Broadway Avenue in Lorain, Ohio.

January 29, 2011: Yuyutsu Sharma Katie Daley

at Mac's Backs.

7 PM, 1820 Coventry Rd.,

Cleveland Hts., OH 44118. 216-321-2665.

January 30th at 1 p.m.
PoetryElyria at Jim's Coffeehouse, 2 Kerstetter Way in Elyria, Ohio

February 2nd at 7 p.m.
Snoetry: A World Record Winter Wordfest
at Jim's Coffeehouse,
2 Kerstetter Way in Elyria, Oh

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thin Air Interview-- Airs tomorrow night Channel 67(MNN)

Thin Air Interview-- Edited Version
In-depth Poetry Thin Air Cable Interview of world-poet Yuyutsu Sharma, in a lively conversation with co-producer George Spencer. Mr. Sharma also recites his poetry. This is Episode 50 in an ongoing original series. Video duties performed by director-producer Mitch Corber. For more info, contact poe

he show airs every Wednesday night at 8:30 pm on Channel 67

(MNN/Manhattan Neighborhood Network)

Note: if you live outside Manhattan or can't get MNN Ch 67, you can still watch

the live internet stream of the show by following instructions below.


1. Click on

2. Viewing the right column of MNN webpage, go to "MNN4 Culture"

3. Click "Watch MNN4 Live"

4. Click small icon to watch full screen on your computer during live broadcast.

(You can only watch the streaming video in real time, i.e. at 8:30pm Wednesday night)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yuyutsu Sharma's Radio Active Lunch Interview, Vassar College

January 19 2011:

Lunch Archive - Interviews
Written by Adam Roufberg
Saturday, 08 January 2011

Listen to the Interview with Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma>>

Yuyutsu Sharma

I broadcast an interview/poetry reading wthYuyutsu R.D. Sharma on his recent travels and publications - The Nepal Trilogy, Annapurnas and Stains of Blood: Life Travels and Writing on a Page of Snow, and Space Cake, Amsterdam, & Other Poems from Europe and America.

On Saturday January 15 (6:00 pm) - Yuyutsuwill be reading from his Helambu book at theUtopian Directions Bookstore at 7 West St in Warwick NY .

Readings of Yuyutsu's Poetry on RAL:

Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma

Yuyutsu Sharma's Radio Active Lunch Interview, Vassar College

January 19 2011:

Lunch Archive - Interviews
Written by Adam Roufberg
Saturday, 08 January 2011

Listen to the Interview with Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma>>

Yuyutsu Sharma

I broadcast an interview/poetry reading wthYuyutsu R.D. Sharma on his recent travels and publications - The Nepal Trilogy, Annapurnas and Stains of Blood: Life Travels and Writing on a Page of Snow, and Space Cake, Amsterdam, & Other Poems from Europe and America.

On Saturday January 15 (6:00 pm) - Yuyutsuwill be reading from his Helambu book at theUtopian Directions Bookstore at 7 West St in Warwick NY .

Readings of Yuyutsu's Poetry on RAL:

Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma

Monday, January 17, 2011

Poet Yuyutsu Sharma reading at Glenmere Lake, Warwick, New York

Liked on
Poet Yuyutsu Sharma reading from his new book, Space Cake, Amsterdam and other Poems from Europe and America at Glenmere Lake, New York during his grand tour of North America.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting High (after hearing Yuyutsu Sharma on Nepal)

Getting High

(after hearing Yuyutsu Sharma on Nepal)

by Lorraine Conlin

He takes me to his world

an abode of snow melts

flows down

treeless steppes

cascades past seasons

rivers of morning rise

unveiling valleys of glacial flow

I inhale

mists of monsoon rains

of eternal spring

showering fields of forever

musk deer grazing

magnolia and mint

I exhale red rhododendron

slants of sunlight

clove, cumin and coriander

He takes me to this place

his temple, his shrine

the gist of his existence

with words

floating like dust motes

@Lorraine Conlin/2010

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti
-- New Edition

Cover of: Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti by Shwa Dhakal

Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti

Collected by Shiva Dhakal
Adapted into English by Yuyutsu RD Sharma.
ISBN 81-8250-002-0 2009. Paper pp.125. Rs. 195.

Folk Tales of Sherpa and Yeti reveals the drama of primitive human mind enacted on Himal’s glacial heights.

The book is the result of Shiva Dhakal’s trek to Rolwaling and Khumbu. Creatively exploring the intricacy of human relationships, Shiva Dhakal offers a dazzling diadem of twelve folk tales.

Employing his master skill of story telling, unlike fashionable folklorists, Mr. Dhakal evokes the elemental events that determine the working of a primitive psyche.

The incidents of raping of an innocent girl by the man-eater Yeti, of the seduction of an intimate friend’s wife, the tempting of an incarnate Lama by a young Sherpa maiden, the Strategy of annihilating Yetis of the world, the birth of mountains out of guilty lovers, and the duel between the wind and the fog reveal the basic working pattern of a primitive mind.

To read the Folktales of Sherpa and Yeti is to know the hidden hunger of much misunderstood and glamorized Sherpa mind.

The book is an excellent contribution to the Sherpa culture and Ethnology. Dhakal deserves congratulations on his arduous undertaking involving mountain trekking and his successful recapitulation of these tales in a very simple and clear-cut style …” – Dr. Murari P. Regmi

The Yeti:Spirit of Himalayan Forest Shamans

 The Yeti. ISBN81-85693-57-9 2004. Hardcover pp.113  Rs.250 Indian

The Yeti. ISBN81-85693-57-9 2004. HardcovYetuer pp.113 Rs.250 IndianThe Yeti:Spirit of Himalayan Forest Shamans

The Yeti:Spirit of Himalayan Forest Shamans

by Dr. Larry G. Peters

Format :
ISBN-10 :

Dr. Larry G. Peters is a world-renowned scholar and initiated Shaman in the Tibetan tradition. The book takes a fresh look at the yeti, the elusive snowman of the Himalayas. Peters here aspires to establish the yeti as the spirit of the Himalayan Forest Shamans. In his view, Evolution-minded researchers’ hunt for ‘missing-link’ led to a scientific dead-end and the yeti who became associated with research fell into disrepute as a superstitious wed to spurious theory. Consequently, the yeti academically became “an abominable snowman”.

Yeti is a living, current, popular mythology and a folkloric treasure whose origin the present book seeks to explore. Tracing its history to the pre-Buddhist, fierce spirit of Nature-mountain goddess and forest wild men of Bonpo shamanism in Tibet, Dr. Peters uncovers the hidden chapters of human history, evaluating the cross-cultural implications of religious practices, myths rituals, legends and scriptures.

The Yeti, to sum up, it a sparkling piece of original research written with an objective to rehabilitate interest in the study of yeti as a spiritual teacher and initiator of shamans.

Yuyu Special Guest at Poets of the Lorain County Event,Ohio

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reader Response--"At Forty You Die" by Yuyutu Sharma

"Yuyutsu RD Sharma. I had the pleasure of meeting him just in time, or something, the other night. In his work, he actively loves the gray between creation and destruction... the inevitable connection between sullied and unsullied Earth. Says I. Ha ha. Anyway. I was sulking and marveling at the same time, because I just don't want to die too soon, and he shared this."

"Your poem "At 40 You Die" ... helped me cry right."

Darlene Costello

"At Forty You Die"

Yuyutu Sharma

At forty two moons start throbbing

like bright eyes of your own children.

At forty two people you dream of

most frequently, two people who dreamt

of you and your eyes all their lives.

At forty in the early

dawn of your desperate decades

you start dreaming of your mother first.

She comes limping

like a wounded cockroach

from the other world

to clasp your sweaty palms

to kiss your eyebrows

withering under the blind stare

of a merciless sun,

to complains of the tulips that faded

under the blind stare of a merciless sun.

At forty you dream

of your father frequently,

a Buddha or an exhausted god,

a lion repentant for a lifetime,

a familiar stranger who made you

what you are in your dreams

and left you alone,

bleeding on the mule-paths of life.

At forty you see him everywhere,

in the creases of your skin,

in the puffed-out eyelids,

in the fluffy temples

where two crescent moons appear,

silvery and savage like ensuing life’s itinerary.

At forty he lusts in the crazed

fields of your blood vessels.

He escorts you to

the open spaces of his cherished riverbanks

pavilions of tantric priests

ashrams of ascetics before bonfires of annihilation.

He guides you to the bog lands

of his fond memories where once

his beloved woman lived and

then left him, one by one,

“Forgot the old chums, fell in the trap of new ones”


She comes limping

like a wounded cockroach

from the other world

to clasp your sweaty palms

to kiss your eyebrows

withering under the blind stare

of a merciless sun

to complain of the tulips that faded

under the blind stare of a merciless sun.

At forty your own woman's mouth

starts smelling of deceit,

a Bhairab's mask,

a masculine leer along

the canyons of her body.

At forty you start

questioning questions

and decide to die

like one dies in poetry or books.

Or proverbs that proved false--

People above forty should be shot dead.

You resolve what you didn't all life long--

to reach out to touch

the rim of unheard horizons

elusive Shangri-la from where no return

to exquisite valleys of life is possible.

But your children's eyes start

shining like burning stars

along the moons of your secret lusts.

At forty you die to be born again

and again in the theatre of your children's eyes

Thursday, January 6, 2011

POESÍA: POETAS PARA EL SIGLO XXI Editor: Fernando Sabido Sánchez:

Yuyutsu RD Sharma(NEPAL)-Biografía

Yuyutsu RD Sharma es uno de los poetas asiáticos en lengua inglesa más prestigiosos y con más repercusión internacional. De origen nepalí, nació en Nakodar (Punjab) y estudió literatura en la Universidad de Rajastán, Jaipur, donde participó activamente en círculos literarios y teatrales. Ha sido profesor en la Universidad del Punjab y en Tribhuwan University, Katmandú. Ha impartido cursos de escritura creativa y traducción en Queen’s University, Belfast, Universidad de Ottawa, Instituto del Sur de Asia y en la Universidad de Heidelberg (Alemania).
Ha viajado por todo el mundo, participando en numerosas lecturas poéticas en varios países de Asia, Europa y América. Se le han concedido prestigiosas becas de creación literaria como las de la Fundación Rockefeller, la Fundación Trubar de Eslovenia y el Instituto para la traducción de Literatura Hebrea.
Tiene publicados ocho libros de poesía, entre los que se encuentran: Space Cake, Amsterdam, & Other Poems from Europe and America, (Howling Dog Press, Colorado, 2009), Annapurna Poems, (Nirala, New Delhi 2008), Everest Failures (White Lotus Book Shop, Kathmandu, 2008) A photographic and Poetic Journey to the Foot of Everest, (Epsilonmedia, Germany, 2006) en colaboración con el fotógrafo alemán Andreas Stimm y una traducción del poeta irlandés Cathal O’ Searcaigh al nepalí.
Ha traducido y editado varias antologías de poesía nepalí contemporánea al inglés y es fundador del movimiento Kathya Kayakalpa (Metamorfosis) en la poesía nepalí actual. Su libro Roaring Recital, cinco poetas nepalíes traducidos al inglés obtuvo una nominación al mejor libro de Asia en 2001.
Parte de su obra ha sido traducida al alemán, francés, italiano, español, hebreo y neerlandés y publicada en prestigiosas revistas internacionales de literatura. Es editor de Pratik, una revista de escritura contemporánea, y es columnista habitual en los periódicos nepalíes The Himalayan Times y The Kathmandu Post. Acaba de escribir su primera novela.

POEMAS (Traducciones de Verónica Aranda)


Las cigarras del monzón,
su canto estridente…
El perro viejo
dormitando junto a un porteador
con bocio y ebrio acurrucado
bajo la enorme campana de latón
de la pagoda de un templo
sólo se despertaría
si el puntapié de algún gorila
aplastara su pata que chorrea pus.


En el suelo enlodado del porche
de una pequeña choza entre niebla

junto a las márgenes
de los arroyos embravecidos, pelando

la piel
de las mazorcas de maíz,

entre el montón esponjoso
se sienta una madre de la montañas

con un hijo
llorando en su regazo.

No tiene más
que un beso,

un beso sucio,
sensiblero y fétido

para acallar
los gemidos de ese gatito.


La lucha del sol por deslumbrar
a través de cielos turbios de destinos fracasados.

Los callejones nebulosos
de la ciudad de los escorpiones parecen resbaladizos,

oscuros por el apagón
de una pesadilla de treinta años,

por el resplandor trémulo de heridas recientes.

Muchachas a la moda con ojos en forma de pez
se asoman a angustiosas ventanas de madera.

En la tienda local de alcohol
un poeta se sienta febril al fresco

en un chirriante banco de acero,
su rostro enterrado en la democracia de sus pálidas manos.

Sus piernas frágiles tiemblan
por el horror de obscenos eslogan de gastados Hitlers.

En las carnicerías con tejado de hojalata
sordas carniceras limpian los intestinos

de los búfalos del pasado,
un vago ritual de las espinas resucitadas de la memoria.

En los callejones resbaladizos de Asan
o Bhotahitee la fetidez de verduras podridas

asfixia a las deidades atrapadas
en los nichos de santuarios en ruinas.

Las vacas que deambulan mueven
sus colas infestadas de boñigas

para bendecir
a los expertos en derechos humanos llegados de Occidente.

Las palomas arrojan suciedad
en sus brillantes cabelleras para condenar sus almas piadosas,

un equilibrio de las escalas de justicia.

Sólo estos mantras
poeta de los helados callejones, de la ciudad

del exaltado dragón del hambre
sordo ante los gritos indefensos
de un recién nacido
al que están troceando

los extraños magos
de una ciega aristocracia: la democracia.


Un poeta saca un sol fresco
del útero oscuro, ulceroso de la oligarquía.

Yo te saludo, poeta,
te saludo.

Saludo tu movimiento
que tañe en las campanas de latón de la ortodoxia

por los umbrales de la historia,
y conduce a un amanecer de democracia.

Yo te saludo, poeta,
saludo tu desilusión

con los lobos del cambio
y los falsos pretendientes de la democracia

que arrancaron una costilla
de tu cuerpo baldado

para alejar tus ojos
de las tormentas del cambio

y hacerte
retozar como un bufón

con las prostitutas de la anarquía
en el castillo conspiratorio de la mugre.

Saludo tu desencanto
hacia los padres tartamudos de la nación

que te dejaron lisiado y solo
para que enloquecieras

en las calles ciegas
de la capital del dragón exaltado, devorada por las termitas.

Saludo tu locura, poeta,
la saludo.

Saludo tu completo rechazo
de una pose de hipocresía.

Tus visitas morbosas
al templo de Mahakaal

para pronunciar una oración
que encendiera una pagoda de poemas.

Tu intenso despliegue
del khukri, esperando traer otra revolución.

Tu deseo
de donar semen para úteros sanos.

Saludo tu surgimiento
de los desechos de la historia para contarnos:

Llega un Día
pero una vez en una Época.


A la sombra
frágil del arbusto

dos camellos
se sientan, rumiando,


mientras observan
el blanco abrasador del cielo

ni un grano
de los Monzones.

Poemas extraídos del libro:
Yuyutsu Sharma, Poemas de los Himalayas
(Prólogo, selección y traducción de Verónica Aranda).
Córdoba, Cosmopoética, 2010

Monday, January 3, 2011

Yuyutsu Sharma to read at Diane Hamilton's book launch

hursday January 13 (from 6 – 7:30 p.m.) - Lower Branch Library, 2600 Bayshore Rd., Villas, NJ 08251. Tel: 609 886 8999. Yuyutsu Sharma and Diane Hamilton will be reading at the launch of Diane Hamilton’s ‘Lizard Licking, Donegal & Other Poems’, published by Nirala Publications.

Yuyutsu Sharma to read at Diane Hamilton's book launch

The Pleasures of Poetry for all ages

Event Type: Education Program
Date: 1/13/2011
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 7:30 PM
The Pleasures of Poetry for all Ages

The Cape May County Library welcomes the public to a series on poetry that is part readings, part lecture, and part workshop presented by Jack Walters. “The Pleasures of Poetry for all Ages” will be held on Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:30 beginning January 6, 2011 at the Lower Branch Library 2600 Bayshore Rd Villas, NJ. The works of two guest authors will be presented during this special program on January 16th.

“The Pleasures of Poetry for all Ages” will emphasize the simple enjoyment that can be derived from reading excerpts from the work of great poets of our language. The poems will be drawn mainly from the Norton collection. Class talk and participation are welcomed and encouraged, and those who would like to share their own poetry are also welcomed.

Jack Walters is a retired journalist who began his career as a copyboy on The Philadelphia Inquirer in the 1930s and subsequently became the first overseas reporter for Armed Forces Radio during WWII, a CBS correspondent during the Murrow years, bureau chief for Radio Free Europe and The Stars and Stripes, a stringer for AP, a reporter for NBC’s “Monitor,” an Emmy Award-winning producer for ABC’s “Eyewitness News,” and a teacher of journalism for the University of Minnesota, Brooklyn College, and The New School University. He lives in North Cape May, New Jersey.

Author Diane Hamilton will be at the class on the 13th of January to present her new book “Lizard Licking, Donegal & Other Poems”. In 2000, Diane spent a month in County Donegal, where her father's cousins still live on the land where he was raised. Diane has wanted to be poet since she was five years old, when her father told her that poets were revered in Ireland and considered important members of society. Diane (Devennie) Hamilton was born in Philadelphia; she is a first-generation Irish-American whose father came to the U.S. from County Donegal. For 10 years she worked in an oil refinery in Philadelphia and later moved to New York City where she attended New York University and received a BFA in Film and TV in 1988. She subsequently received an MA in Public Librarianship from Rowan University and is currently Assistant Director of the Cape May County Library in Cape May Court House, N.J.

Yuyutsu Sharma will be the second author. Recipient of fellowships and grants from The Rockefeller Foundation, Ireland Literature Exchange, Trubar Foundation, Slovenia, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature and The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature, Yuyutsu RD Sharma is a distinguished poet and translator. He has published eight poetry collections including, Space Cake, Amsterdam, & Other Poems from Europe and America, (Howling Dog Press, Colorado, 2009), and Annapurna Poems, (Nirala, New Delhi 2008),. He has translated and edited several anthologies of contemporary Nepali poetry in English and launched a literary movement, Kathya Kayakalpa (Content Metamorphosis) in Nepali poetry. His works have appeared in Poetry Review, Chanrdrabhaga, Sodobnost, Amsterdam Weekly, Indian Literature, Irish Pages, Delo, Omega, Howling Dog Press, Exiled Ink, Iton77, Little Magazine, The Telegraph, Indian Express and Asiaweek.
The Library of Congress has nominated his recent book of Nepali translations entitled Roaring Recitals; Five Nepali Poets as Best Book of the Year 2001 from Asia under the Program, A World of Books International Perspectives.
Yuyutsu’s own work has been translated into German, French, Italian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Spanish and Dutch. He just published his nonfiction, Annapurnas & Stains of Blood: Life, Travel and Writing a Page of Snow, (Nirala, 2010) and completed his first novel.
Currently, he edits Pratik, A Magazine of Contemporary Writing and contributes literary columns to Nepal’s leading daily, The Himalayan Times.

For more information please call 886-8999 or visit

Library: Lower Township Library
Location: Joseph Millman Room
Presenter: Jack Walters

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nepal: A Poem for Yuyu by Lorraine Bouchard


a poem for Yuyu

To dream

The impossible dream

Who is this poet

Where did he come from

Is he real

Part of the dream


Or dreaming

Does it matter

The forehead

Of the world

My vision





Sadness surfaces

Recognizing the turquoise lake

Drop of ocean

Source climbing

To another destination

Never an end

Lorraine Bouchard, Montreal